I'm a therapist living in North Alabama. I am extremely passionate about my job and dedicate much of my time to my work. At night and on the weekends, I love to decorate my home. My husband and I built our house in April of 2013 and we have been furnishing and customizing it ever since. It's been a slow process (lots of saving up and online research), but each time we complete a room or project, it's exactly what we want!

So that's my  formal intro, now for the fun stuff! I named this little blog "What Louisa Loves" because I wanted a place to share house progress and all the things I love. I love love love (can't emphasize that enough) TJMaxx and HomeGoods. I frequently visit every location in my area. Honestly, most of the accent pieces and accessories in my home were purchased from those two stores. I love spending my lunch hour wandering around Target, which I do several times a week. I look at the makeup, the stationary, the home decor, the holiday section, the workout clothes, etc. Spending 30 minutes in that store instantly makes my day better. I love a great deal and very rarely pay full price for anything. I hunt bargains and I'm patient, watching items before I actually buy. I don't buy anything unless I LOVE it. If I don't absolutely love it, it's not coming home with me. I only want to be surrounded by meaningful and useful things.

I have the tendency to go for items that are super fancy and formal, which is why I love and appreciate my extremely practical husband. Thanks to him, our home not only looks good, but it's comfy and cozy as well. We use what we have! We sit on our couch, use our throw pillows, put our feet up on our coffee table, eat in bed, and at the dining table, and at the kitchen island...you get the idea. I love designing a space that is livable for the both of us and also very beautiful! Thanks for following along!